Porigami info

Isomäki Arena

The Porigami meeting will be held at the legendary Isomäki Arena. In the premises of the ice rink we celebrate the welcome party, get inspired by the keynotes, learn new perspectives in trainings and also enjoy the gala on Saturday!

📍 Isomäki Arena, Metsämiehenkatu 21, Pori

Health safety

We have strived to build the event in a way that allows a safe participation for everyone.

Read more about health safety in Porigami here.


Porigami buses run from the center of Pori to Isomäki Arena. The distance to the arena from the hotels in the city center is about 2.5 km. There is also free parking near Isomäki Arena.

Bus stops

📍Stop 1: Itsenäisyydenkatu 41 (Scandic)
📍Stop 2: Yrjönkatu 22 (Bepop, near Camelot, Omena and Amado hotels)
📍Stop 3: Gallen-Kallelankatu 7 (Original Sokos Hotel Vaakuna)
📍Stop 4: Travelling Center (Matkakeskus), SAMK (near Hotel Amado)

Porigami buses go on a non-stop-route Isomäki Arena – Stop 1 – Stop 2 – Stop 3 – Stop 4 – Isomäki Arena.

Timetables for Porigami buses (non-stop-route)

Porigami buses run one hour before the official program every 20 minutes and between programs every 30 minutes. Driving time is about 10-15 minutes.


Porigami is Finland’s first national JCI meeting to be implemented with a hybrid model!

The remote implementation of the Hybrid-Porigami can be accessed with your chapter registration, which opens the event to every member of the registered chapter. All keynotes, Friday’s vitality seminar, selected perspective trainings, debate, and GA will be streamed onto the event platform.

Registering to Porigami


Late bird conference package 209 € (Until 30.9.2021)

The package includes:

  • registration fee including Friday and Saturday meeting schedule
  • Welcome party
  • Saturday lunch
  • Afternoon coffees
  • Gala

Purchased separately:

  • Registration fee, incl. Lunch and afternoon coffee: 90 €
  • Welcome party: 45 €
  • Gala: 115 €

Cancellation and change conditions:

A fee of EUR 20 will be charged for all cancellations. We will charge a handling fee of EUR 20 for any change in registration and / or gala name, as well as for any other change.
Please note that you will be able to update your registration information in Lyyti yourself via the link provided in the confirmation message.

If participation is canceled by 31 March 2021 at the latest, 100% of the fees will be refunded.
If participation is canceled on or after April 1, 2021, but no later than July 31, 2021, 50% of the fees will be refunded.

Cancellations made on or after 1.8.2021 will not be refunded.

MAJ Beauty lounge x Porigami

Porigami brings the services of the local beauty startup, MAJ, to Isomäki Arena. On Saturday, October 9, 2021, in the MAJ Beauty Lounge it is possible to get quick hairstyles and make-up, as well as pampering foot and hand treatments by MAJ’s hard-class professionals! 

Book your time now and look good with porigami.maj.works

Winnova pop-up

Winnova beauty students do quick hair and make-up for 15 euros as student work on a pop-up basis on Saturday October 9th between 12 and 5pm. Payment in cash.

Porigami with kids

You can book a babysitter through MLL (The Mannerheim League for Child Welfare). Read more here and book your own caregiver! Nurse mediation tel. 044 0303 301 (Mon-Fri 8-12). For more information, please contact Maiju Nässi, tel. +358 50 441 3234, MLL’s Satakunta District.


Accommodation in the center:


Yrjönkatu 19, Pori

Porigami offer prices valid until 30 September or as long as rooms are available.
1–2 persons / room price: 69 € / room / night (incl. VAT, without breakfast) limited amount
3 persons / room price: 79 € / room / night (incl. VAT, without breakfast)
4 persons / room price: 89 € / room / night (incl. VAT, without breakfast

Code bookings can be made at omenahotels.com/booking, and the code PORIGAMI2021 must be entered in the “I have a pre-code” field when booking. Once the code has been filled in the field, click on “Apply” to activate the price.

Amado offers breakfast to Omena guests for 10 euros per person. Breakfast must be booked in advance either by phone +358 2 631 0100 or by e-mail amado@amado.fi and mention the Youth Chamber of Commerce when booking. The reservation must be made before October 7th.

Camelot Apart Hotel

Yrjönkatu 24, 28100 Pori

Price 69 € / night / room (= 34.5 € / person). Reservations available until 30 September. Reservations through the hotel customer service, reference “Porigami”. Tel. +358 9 348 9060 or email customerservice@cameloteurope.com. Please note! The price does not include breakfast.

Amado offers breakfast to Camelot guests for 10 euros per person. Breakfast must be booked in advance either by phone +358 2 631 0100 or by e-mail amado@amado.fi and mention the Youth Chamber of Commerce when booking. The reservation must be made before October 7th.

Hotel Amado / FULLY BOOKED

Itsenäisyydenkatu 41, 28100 Pori

Hotel accommodation (incl. Breakfast)
Standard: 100 € / 1 room / day, 120 € / 2 rooms / day, 140 € / 3 rooms / day

Accommodation in the apartment (breakfast not included):
Apartment 1: 180 € / day / H4, one bedroom and one double sofa bed
Apartment 2: 200 € / day / H4, 2 bedrooms with beds for a total of 4.

Accommodation outside the city center (but not far from it!)

Hostel River

Karjapiha 2, 28100 Pori (distance from Isomäki Arena 3 km)

Room rates: double room € 82 (€ 41 / person) / day, triple room € 108 (€ 36 / person) / day, quadruple room € 124 (€ 31 per person) / day. Furnished separate apartment for two 112 € / day (56 € / person), Furnished separate apartment for one 90 € / day.

Prices include bed linen, towels and breakfast. Reservations directly from +358 44 335 3326 or info@hostelriver.fi. Mention Porigami while booking.


Isojoenrannantie 58, 28240 Pori (distance from Isomäki Arena 5.9 km)

Accommodation at a contract price of 40 € / person (incl. breakfast) single room, double room or triple room, code Nuorkauppakamari. Reservations / inquiries: sales (@) rantakartano.net.

Ahlström area

Laviantie 14, Noormarkku (distance from Isomäki Arena 18.5 km)

Superior rooms in Vainiola, 129 € / double room or 149 € / double room per night.

Rooms with a shared bathroom in Kultala, 109 € / double room or 125 € / double room per night.

Rates include breakfast at the Club. Rooms can be booked from the sales service ruukki@a-ahlstrom.fi or +358 50 518 3677. When booking, mention Porigami and discounted prices.

Hotel Yyteri

Sipintie 1, 28840 Pori (distance from Isomäki Arena 19.3 km)

Room price 60.00 € / person / day / H2, 1 x extra bed / room available for adults 40.00 € / person and 105.00 € / person / day / H1. The room rate includes breakfast and free use of the spa and gym during their opening hours. Free parking and wifi.

Room reservations must be made directly at the hotel by using the code PORIGAMI. Reservations by phone +358 2-6285300 or by e-mail info@virkistyshotelli.fi or myynti@virkistyshotelli.fi (weekdays 9am-4pm). Valid until 27 September.

Luxury villa Aava

18 Reelinki, Pori (distance from Isomäki Arena 22 km)

Entire villa 650 € / day (minimum booking 2 days)

Price incl. Accommodation max. For 8 people, bed linen as well as towels and final cleaning.

Reservations: +358 2 631 0100 or e-mail amado@amado.fi. Booking code: Youth Chamber of Commerce.


Check out Airbnb Pori here!