Health safety in Porigami

Health safety in Porigami

We have made preparations for the meeting in the middle of corona pandemic. We have closely followed the development of the epidemic situation and the authorities’ instructions for event organizers. Porigami is a private event.

We have strived to build the event in a way that allows a safe participation.

Each participant contributes to create a safe event.

Isomäki Arena as a venue

Isomäki Arena is only available to Porigami guests during the event. There is plenty of space and everyone has the opportunity to maintain safety distances.

Cooperation between authorities

We have received confirmation from the authorities that it is possible to organize Porigami in Pori as planned. We work closely with the authorities and follow the instructions we receive from them to organize the event safely.

Cleaning services

Professionals perform cleaning services in the arena between event days. It should be noted, however, that training facilities are not cleaned between training sessions.


It is not possible to maintain safety distances on the bus services (Porigami buses) provided by the conference organizer. In this case, we recommend using a mask.

Instructions for the participant

Participant’s health status

It is absolutely essential that all participants are healthy during the meeting. If you have respiratory symptoms or other symptoms suggestive of coronavirus disease, you cannot come to the meeting.

Hand hygiene

Take care of hand hygiene. Washing your hands is especially important before eating, after coughing or sneezing, and whenever you arrive indoors. Hand washing is possible in the arena’s washrooms and hand sanitizers are available in all training, meeting and restaurant areas, as well as in the arena’s corridors.

Safety distances

Maintaining safety distances is the responsibility of each participant. As an organizer, we strive to provide an opportunity to maintain safety distances. Therefore, the number of people in training facilities or at lunch, for example, may have to be limited. Participants are asked to allow safety distances for other people as well.

Using a mask

We recommend using a mask during the event and especially in situations where it is not possible to maintain safety distances.

There are two masks distributed to each meeting participant in the meeting bag available from the registration point. If necessary, you can also pick up a mask from the conference office (limited number available). However, we ask participants to acquire their own masks in addition.

Illness during the event

If you feel ill during the event, distance yourself from other people, leave the venue, and follow THL guidelines. Report the illness to the conference office Danuta Jaakkola (043-8250104). The conference office can also help arrange transportation if needed.


We recommend using the Koronavilkku app during the event.


If you have registered to Porigami, but for one reason or another do not come, please remember to cancel your registration by e-mail: According to the cancellation policy, the participation fee will not be refunded, but all those registered to Porigami will be able to follow the meeting program via the Tavata platform. That is, if you are not coming, be sure to report the cancellation.