Future skills content

Future Skills training content

Along Porigami’s educational paths, you are guaranteed to find content that supports you and your business on your path to future! Will you choose responsibility, will you join in the interaction, or will you get prepared to envision?

Responsibility – Smart business

Porigami’s vision for the future: Corporate responsibility is commonplace. Responsibility for the climate, community, and economy are, by default, part of every company’s strategy. If not, it will wither away.

How should responsibility be communicated to wider audiences? How to make responsibility a business asset? Will your business stay on the beat of changing consumption patterns? Find answers to these and more in the responsibility section of our program!


Interaction – A technology-driven future

Porigami’s vision for the future: The standard working week is now three days long. People go to work primarily for the sake of the community. Work communities are getting better. With technology, there is time left for what the machine cannot do – being human and having genuine interaction.

Does technology challenge management? What is the next step in an artificially driven business? Can technology increase community – and how?  Find answers to these and more in the interaction section of our program!

Vision – Map to success

Porigami’s vision for the future: Strong vision = sure victory! At the individual level, the ability to envision is a condition of employment similar to language skills. In an organization, visioning skills are used to identify and avoid risks. Vision is a strong part of a company’s strategy – it is an identified, systematic and goal-oriented activity.

How is the vision managed? How will future research methods be integrated into the strategy? What is design thinking and how does it achieve vision? Find answers to these and more in the vision section of our program!


Porigami keynote speakers

For the first time ever we are testing an idea in Porigami that will benefit especially those of our dear JCI friends who do not speak Finnish!

We are super happy to announce that all of the keynote speeches in Porigami will be translated into English. This will be done in co-operation with the University of Tampere.

To enjoy this simultaneous interpreter service, all you will need is your smart phone and headphones. Here you can find instructions for Tavata – How to Listen to Language Interpretation.


Fri 8.10 at 4.45 pm

Perttu Pölönen is a visionary, futurist, inventor, composer, speaker – i.e. an insane multi-talent and a factor in the future! Who would tune our thoughts to the frequency of future better than Perttu Pölönen?

Mr. Pölönen has won Europe’s largest youth research competition, studied the technologies of the future in Silicon Valley, founded an education company in Myanmar and authored the bestselling books Future Reading Order and Future Identities. In 2014, Mr. Pölönen was chosen as the most creative Finn in Slush, and in 2018, the top university MIT named him among the 35 most promising innovators in Europe.

Mr. Perttu Pölönen makes the listener look far into the future and reflect on the present from a new perspective – not intimidating, but inspiring. “When nothing is certain, anything is possible.”


Sat 9.10 at 12 noon

If anyone, Ms. Kaisa Hietala knows how to combine responsibility and business in profitable business operations. Ms. Hietala has years of experience in leading various organizations towards a more responsible future. According to Ms. Hietala, responsibility must be incorporated into the visions of organizations.

– Relevance is at the heart of the vision. When looking at activities from a high and far distance through relevance, responsibility automatically comes along, Ms. Hietala advises in an interview in Johtaja magazine (02/2021).

Ms. Kaisa Hietala rose to the attention of the general public at the latest when she applied for and was eventually elected to the board of the oil giant Exxon. Previously, she was part of building one of Finland’s responsibility success stories – Neste’s Renewable Products. Now  Ms. Hietala shares her expertise and works as a partner in the sustainable business consulting company Gaia.


Sat 9.10 at 10 am

Could political decision-making be improved with a bolder vision? The right person to answer this is probably Mr. Joakim Strand, a Member of Parliament, and the Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on the Future. Mr. Strand is the RKP’s (The Swedish People’s Party of Finland) second-term MP from Vaasa and a chairman of his hometown city council.

The Committee on the Future discusses the factors influencing future development, future research and the effects of technological development. Among other things, the committee is responsible for preparing the Government’s forward-looking statement and monitoring the UN Program of Action for Sustainable Development (Agenda2030).

How does the legislation anticipate the future – or does it anticipate it? And how should anticipation be done? Joakim Strand replies to these questions in his keynote speech.


Sat 9.10 at 2.15 pm

Mrs. Elina Bono, Head of Marketing at Sanoma Media B2B, is one of the leading marketing stars in Finland. Mrs. Bono, a lover of marketing, has more than 20 years of experience in marketing, media, sales and communications. She is best known as the mother of Oikotie’s “Kun aika on”  (“When the time has come”) and Sanoma’s “Aina tulee sanomista” (“There will always be more news”) concepts, but she is most ignited by the seamless collaboration between sales and marketing.

“We are all on a journey of change as the world around us becomes more data-driven, more automated, more consultative and more technology-focused. However, one thing remains – the need for interaction. The best message is worth nothing if no one sees or hears it”,  Mrs. Bono describes the content of her speech.

Elina Bono kuva

Future Skills Trainings in English

The training timetable will be completed during September. Stay tuned!

Futureproofing your business with responsible AI

Sat 9.10 12:30 to 13:30 pm

Harri Ketamo, Ph.D., is an entrepreneur with 20 years of experience in cognitive sciences, artificial intelligence and game development. Currently he is founder & chairman of Headai, a company bringing together meaning based computing and next generation business intelligence. He’s also actively participating in academic research as a senior fellow at University of Turku. Previously Ketamo has been e.g. founder & CEO of gameMiner (game AI), xTask (adaptive learning) and SkillPixels (serious games). He has published more than 100 peer-reviewed research articles, and developed digital products used in more than 120 countries all over the world.

JCI: Networking

Maria Vanhatalo, JCI Pori, Sat 9.10. from 9 am 12 noon, Isomäki Areena

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Networking is the JCI course on turning your personal contacts into lasting, trusted and productive connections and relationships. The course covers the principles and dynamics of networking, how to identify and use the opportunities when contacting people, the follow up actions needed after meeting the person to keep adding value to the connection and how to use the participation in JCI activities to build a reputation that will establish a network of connections for the future.

JCI: Social Responsibility

Laura Merisaari, JCI Keskuspuisto, Sat 9.10. at 9 am to 12 noon, ONLINE

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The Social Responsibility Course is a half day course designed to create awareness in Active Citizens that individuals have responsibility to their community and the environment, it promotes the principles of United Nations Global Compact in the practice of business, encourages individuals to act responsibly in business and society and encourages the implementation of best Corporate Social Responsibility practices.

Social Responsibility is recommended for people who seek to understand their role as Active Citizens within the community and the environment as well understanding the commitment that individuals can make to ensure the sustainability of our planet, and prosperity of people in the community.

JCI Pori and the Porigami organization reserve the right to make changes to the program.