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Future Skills Program

Porigami’s theme is Future Skills – the skills that each person and every organization needs to succeed in a rapidly changing world. Through the theme, we highlight the ability to perceive different futures and help find the right ways and channels to make an impact, so that we can get on the desired path towards the future. Porigami’s training paths for interaction, responsibility, and vision prepare you to embrace the future, whatever it may be!

Vitality Seminar

As part of the Porigami annual meeting, the Pori Youth Chamber of Commerce, in co-operation with the region’s business community, will organize a vitality seminar at Isomäki Arena on Friday afternoon, October 8. Working together as a team in the seminar, we envision the future of a vibrant Satakunta with the help of the region’s decision-makers, business representatives and JCI members. During the afternoon, we will hear speeches from companies in the area, there will be a panel discussion on the needs of future skills in Satakunta and Finland and we will finish off with the speech of the inspiring futurist Perttu Pölönen!

Keynote speakers


Perttu Pölönen

When nothing is certain, anything is possible.

Fri 8.10 at 4.45 pm


Joakim Strand

How does the legislation anticipate the future – or does it anticipate it?

Sat 9.10 at 10.30 am


Kaisa Hietala

How to combine responsibility and business into profitable operations?

Sat 9.10 at 12 noon

Elina Bono kuva

Elina Bono

Even the best message is worth nothing if no one sees or hears it.

Sat 9.10 at 2.15 pm

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